Monday, October 25, 2010


Almost 2 weeks ago, Chris's grandpa passed away. We made two sudden trips to Umatilla, Oregon to be with grandma and the family in a weeks time. Down for the weekend and then back home. Down again for the funeral 2 days later and then back home. I am so glad Luke is a good traveler. He had a slight cold when we first left, but by the time everything we got home the last time it had gone to a full-blown ear infection. Poor little lamb.

Unfortunately, I did not know this grandpa very well. Chris grew up with him, but wasn't as close when he was older (why we didn't see him much). When we went to grandpa's house in La Grande I saw pictures of all the other great-grandkids, but Luke was not among them. I guess that's my fault not sending any and I feel really bad about it. Reflecting on this I'm going to make a better attempt at making sure all family near and far is updated on this Walchli family. More picture taking and delivering is going to take place so I don't miss anyone. My immediate family members live close to us, but growing up I did not see my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins, but only once a year. Now that I don't travel with my parents to visit these people yearly like I did when I was young, I am now realizing it is my responsibility to keep in touch and not rely on my parents to do it. So, with my new understanding, I'll need to get on the ball. First up: Christmas cards! One thing I did not get done last year.