Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Reveal

I finally found the camera so I could take pictures of Luke's complete shelves. Like I said before....they turned out fantastic. I can't wait to build more stuff!

The striped canvas totes I actually found at the Dollar Tree. (I love that place.)

Another angle of the room.

I used some of the left over wood for an art display. I modge podged fun paper to clothes pins and glued them to the boards.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Updates coming soon

I did finish the bookshelves and they look fantastic! Sadly, I can't find the camera. Chris tells me it's in a drawer in our computer desk, but I've gone through it several times and only found the case. Let's hope it didn't grow legs and run off someplace where it gets used more often.

Anyway, I'm adding some things to dress up the walls in Luke's room this weekend above those shelves. Once I find that camera (or resort to cell phone pics) I'll post the big reveal. Sorry to keep everyone waiting. Hope you've all checked out the knockoff wood sight and have become inspired like me.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Knockoff Wood inspiration

I've always wanted a bookshelf in Luke's room, but I couldn't find any that were a good buy. There are those at Target or Walmart, but I've had those before and wanted something a little more durable. One of my "do it yourself" sites listed on the right is Knockoff Wood and this gal has everything you need down to the size of the nails for building your own furniture. It is amazing! I found these bookshelves that she built that are a knockoff from Potterybarn and thought to myself...I could make those.

Off to Home Depot we went to purchase our materials from the list off the website.
Luke is always a big helper.

This is my brother Dave. He's is a framer/builder by trade and he helped me with my shelves. Plus he has a nail gun which made things go a lot faster, but it still took the whole afternoon on Saturday.

We made two of these bad boys and they turned out fantastic! All they need now is paint.

Once I have them completely done and in Luke's room I'll take a picture. These are going to be one of those items of furniture we'll have for quite a long time. My next woodworking project will be the Farmhouse bed. I don't think it will be for awhile, but it's in my sights of things to accomplish!