Thursday, November 19, 2009

Shopping fun....or not

Trying to make an outing to the grocery store more fun I decided to get the cart that had the car attached to it. Have any of you tried to push one of those things? It's impossible! I had the hardest time pushing it straight and turning corners. It was all great and exciting at the beginning when Luke found out he had his very own steering wheel, but then he got bored with it and kept trying to crawl out. Wanting him to get interested again I would stop and say, "Momma needs your help to make the cart go" (very Dora the Explorer-ish). I'm not sure getting the car cart is really worth 5 minutes of toddler entertainment. Especially the embarrassment caused while you knock over food displays and your child is happily saying hi to everyone while you pick up. Anyway, next time I'll wait until he's older or have someone stronger, like my husband, to push the darn thing.

In other news, Luke is quite the chatter box. His phrase this week is "I want it". I have no idea where he picked that one up, but it's about something he's not supposed to have like the fire poker.

Not all, but other words he says:
momma/mommy dada
one, two
all done
bankt (blanket)
but (bellybutton)
oh no
bampa (grandpa)
nee-nee Auntie JaNeanne
tee tee - Auntie Christina
naa-na (banana)
go away

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Iron anyone?

This past Tuesday I spent the day (9am - 3:30pm to be exact) being infused with iron. I know the picture looks like a bag of blood, but if you could have seen it up close it's more like rust colored water.

I have had this blood thing since I was in high school. It's been ruled out to a condition called pancytopenia PLUS my body doesn't absorb iron from my diet so I become anemic. I have my blood checked every six months to make sure I'm still at the normal levels for me and to make sure nothing else has changed. Once a year my hematologist runs an iron count with everything else and this time found my feritin level was at a 6. Normal for women is between 18-160. Yikes! So the quickest way for me to get back to where I need to be is to have these infusions. I think my body holds on to the iron for a year and a half which I think is pretty good. It takes a few weeks for things to for my energy to go up so it's not immediate. The only bad thing after my treatment: a sore hand where the needle was.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Halloween 2009

Luke was a cowboy for Halloween this year. I borrowed the hat from a friend and found a plaid shirt at the Goodwill for $1.99. I bought it a bit big so a jacket could fit under it. He didn't have any boots, but he looked enough the part to not need them.

Chris and I went with my sister, husband and her youngest Zoey trick-or-treating. He had the greatest time. Because we didn't want to have him tucker out too soon we brought a stroller so we could push him from house to house. We let him walk up to the door with one of us. Zoey usually let him knock on the door and the she'd ring the doorbell. He'd always try and go inside, but I wouldn't blame him since it was raining off and on.

Coming back from the door he'd squeal with delight. He thought it was so much fun and made it through the whole neighborhood. Fortunately for Chris, he got a big bag of candy that he ate in 2 days. Unfortunately for Luke, he didn't get a single piece.