Saturday, September 18, 2010

Projects galore

I know it's not yet October, but let's fast forward to the next major holiday...Halloween. I saw this kit for making countdown calendars on I actually had all the supplies on hand except the halloween paper so I asked my sister, Christina, if she wanted to make them ourselves. We cut the 4x4's at her place (my bro, her roommie, has major power tools) and spraypainted them black. I thought they turned out pretty good. Instead of vinyl we used blackcard stock instead which worked just as good.

Next up. I just had a friend get married and I wanted to do something different. I found this fun temple idea here, unfortunately, they didn't have the Seattle Temple. I remembered Christina took some pictures of the temple a while back so I got a copy of one and played around with it until it looked aged and also personalized. I printed it out at work on the colored laser printer (shh..don't tell), mated and framed it. Sorry I didn't take any good pictures of the finished project. I do hope they like it. I need to make one for myself now.

My younger brother recently became a dad. They named him Hunter James Miller-Hall. He's such a cute little thing. Born 17 days early weighing in at 5lbs 8oz.

In the spirit of a friend I know and new babies I made a set of blocks for the mom and bouncing baby boy. Forgive the picture quality...I used my cellphone to take the picture.

That's it for now. I am working on a couple more things, but they require sewing and my machine decided to spaz out on me. Ugh... I haven't wanted to sit down with it again as I wasted a whole evening earlier this week and I needed to get to my other things. Stay tuned for more craftiness.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Yahoo! Summer Vacation

Oh, how I love vacations. Getting away from everyday life is always worth the travel and the money spent getting there. Our summer destination this year was St. George, Utah. It was crazy hot, but it was so much fun. We drove down and with a toddler, all road trips require the most entertaining toys, childrens music cds (non-parent-annoying kind), the right snacks and a portable DVD player. Only two minor meltdowns on the way down and that was it. Luke was a great little traveler.
Here are a few photos from our trip:

Family photo at the Logan Temple grounds - turned out pretty good I think.

Snow Canyon - St. George area

Took a trip up north to Bryce Canyon one day. If you haven't gone, it's pretty cool. My parents have this Golden Age Pass so all national parks are free. A perk of being a senior citizen.

Toured the church history sites in town. Here is a neat picture taken at the St. George Tabernacle by one of the senior missionaries.

Spent a day at Zions National Park. Here is a picture of the Court of the Patriarchs. Chris took a bunch of landscape pictures at the parks we visited.

To cut back on congestion and preserve nature the park has a free shuttle. Luke's favorite part of the day was riding the bus.

Hiking a trail at Zions. Luke was tired of walking so we took advantage of his cuteness while on my dad's shoulders.

The wildlife of Southern Utah. Lizards a fast little things and Luke loved chasing them.
Our batteries died a lot so there are other cute photos to come, but I've got to wait until my mom and dad get back from vacation because they are on their camera.