Friday, March 25, 2011


As a parent, one of the hardest challenges you face has got to be potty-training.
Sometime mid-January my Mom wanted to start this with Luke. I figured, why not, she's had loads of experience with raising six kids so training Luke would be a cinch for her. Nope, that wasn't the case. Unfortunately, I wasn't stressing the training at home so it wasn't working out very well for her. Sorry Mom!
With baby # 2 on the way and Luke nearing 3 I want to get him out of diapers. We all know it can be done so this past week Chris and I took matter into our own hands (mostly Chris since I work later than him). Since Sunday, Luke has had 4 accidents. I'm so proud of my boy! What are we doing that's working? A sticker chart and bribery. Once Luke has a success he picks out a sticker to add to his chart. Before we started, we purchased his prize so he knew what the reward would be for filling up his sticker chart. he sure is excited about get it. Weird thing is he's stopped having BM's during the day....not sure when at night it happens, but int the morning he sure has a loaded diaper. Next goal for Luke is to stay dry during naps and the releasing of hostages during the day (hope I'm not too graphic there).

Monday, March 7, 2011

Soup Goodness

Photo by The Pioneer Woman

I made chicken tortilla soup last sunday for dinner and it was sooooooooo delicious. I bumped into this blog/website for The Pioneer Woman and boy did she have some yummy looking recipes. I was in a soup mood when I found the site and thought the tortilla soup looked easy enough. I can tell you right now, it did not disappoint. I ate all the leftovers for lunch the following two days and it was just as tasty re-heated. I didn't add all the garnishes since I don't always keep red onion and avacados on hand, but it was fine without them. Anyway, if you try it, let me know what you thought? I'm definately adding this one to my well-loved recipes.

Friday, March 4, 2011

What happened to the sweetness?

This week has been awful. The majority of my time Monday - Friday is spent at work or commuting to and from and that's been fine. The small amount of time I spend at home during those days has not been very fun. My precious, sweet little boy has disappeared and been replaced with ... I hate to say it...the spawn of Satan. Usually, whey I get home from work, Luke runs up to me and gives me a big hug and tells me he missed me. This week there has been no hug or an "I missed you today". Instead, it's been replaced with an "oh, it's mom" and not even 10 minutes later the whine of ...I want...I want...I want begins while I'm trying to fix dinner and it's usually something he can't have. I'm the bad guy right off the bat and so he's mad at me the rest of the night. This week, Chris has taken vacation from work and been home. Luke went to daycare his usual 2 days, but other than that he's hung out with his dad and I think he's upset with me because I can't stay home with him all day too. Oh, how I wish those circumstances were different. I so want to be able to stay home and do mom things errands...go on fun outings...have more than one day to do household chores. I really need to devote that day (Saturday) to playing with Luke. I hope next week when he's back to his normal routine I'll get my love-y little boy back because I miss him a lot. Tomorrow I think I'll make his favorite...pancakes for breakfast. That should start the weekend off right.