Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Saturday, Chris and I took Luke to Craven Farms in Snohomish to get his first pumpkin. I think he secretly loved it even though he didn't smile in any of our photos. Then again, a 6 month old doesn't exactly smile on que. He's cute anyway. When Luke hits two or three I think it will be a lot more fun for him since he'll be able to walk and interact more with everything around him. The trip was really for me. I wanted to get the memorable pictures of Luke's first Halloween adventures. I loved Luke in the wheelbarrow. He would just sit there and watch everyone go by. After we picked out our pumpkins that were nearly as big as him he put his arm on one like he owned it. I think that particular farm will be the one we go to every year. Not only did it have a patch of large pumpkins, it had a small patch too. Also, there was a corn maze, a food stand, a small animal farm, face painting, a store that sold crafty things, and lots more. I went there when I was in kindergarden so it's been around a long, long time. All in all, it was a fun outing for our little family.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My love-hate relationship

Does everyone have one of those? I do and it's called The South Beach Diet. I love it and at the same time I hate it. You would think a person wouldn't love a diet at all. But, how can you not love something that gives results in a short amount of time?

For the past two weeks my husband and I have been on this diet. We cut out all sugars which include the fructose kind found in fruit. I know! How crazy is that? A diet where you can't eat fruit for two weeks. We also eliminated starches found in potatoes, corn and rice. Also, no eating grains so bread is out. What did we eat, you ask? Lots of vegetables, chicken, meat and cheese. Sugar-free jell-o and pudding are a staple to this diet. I've come to find that everything you eat during this time is a wet food. This is the part I hate.

The part I love is I've lost 10 pounds! I didn't even do a single sit-up. How is that for results? The thing you need the most is will-power to resist all temptation. I think that is the hardest thing for me. We have a cookie jar at work and you don't want to know how many times I pass it during the day. At least I found out that those cookies do disappear even without my participation so I'm not the only one who eats them.

Another good thing is there is an end in sight. After the two weeks are up you can add fruit back to your diet. You can also eat wheat pasta, wheat bread, and brown rice and limit yourself to goodies occasionally. If you stick to this "lifestyle change" you should continue to shed more pounds...just not as quickly as before.

My goal is 20 pounds so I'm half-way there. Hooray for me! Let's hope that the next 10 go just as easy. This time I am going to start working out.