Friday, May 27, 2011

Grandapa Bill & Vancouver

A few weeks back we went down to Vancouver to visit Chris's dad.

We saw an old gristmill and they even still grind stuff for the tourists. We came home with cornmeal and pancake mix. Luke fell asleep before we got there and Chris just took different pictures of the mill and the river. I was surprised it was in such good condition.

Luke had fun playing football with his dad and his Grandpa. 3 generations of Walchli men right there.

We went on a walk at a nature trail. How the pregnant woman got stuck carrying the child I don't know.

Saw some big trees.

And a big slug. Boys gotta document this stuff you know.

It's a Girl!

And I was thinking we were going to have another boy. Chris told me he knew I was going to have a girl this time around. We are excited. Luke will tell me every now and then he's having a baby too. I think when he's full because his little tummy sticks out some. He's cute. He'll even say that the baby is gonna come out and talk to him. I'll say that it's not going to happen exactly like that, but he can talk to the baby (she's just not going to talk back yet).

Easter 2011 - Flashback to April

Easter will always fall close to Luke's birthday so the Easter bunny helps us out a bit and goes easy on the gifts. I couldn't get him to look at me...just his dad who was telling him to look at me.

Luke's favorite thing was the chocolate bunny. He enjoyed it before breakfast. Might as well get it over with.

The family Easter feast was a small one, but very delicious. Half of my family were in Utah attending a cousins wedding so it was my sister and her family, a brother-in-law (his family was on the Utah trip) and Chris, Luke and me. My sis, JaNeanne, cooked the delicious ham. I made potatoes and deviled the eggs we colored.

We had an Easter egg hunt for the kids (Luke, Zoey and Aidan). Easy hiding for Luke and hard to find ones for Zoey and Aidan since they are so little kids.

Birthday Fun - Flashback to April

Luke was so excited for his dinosaur birthday party. Although the weather wasn't that great, we still played a game outside. What do you play with kids ranging in age from 4 - 1 1/2? Duck-Duck-Goose of course! Parents had to help their younger ones...mine being one.

Gift opening was great. Chris was Luke's "big" helper and he even posed for me with Luke. Lightening McQueen is always a huge hit with this boy.

The delicious birthday cake Luke picked out which made the party theme. He was really excited to come and pick it up with me that morning at Costco.

You've got to make sure the gifts given are fun to play with. This rocket sure was.