Sunday, July 26, 2009

July 4, 2009 (another belated post)

We had family in town for the 4th of July weekend. Chris's mom came to visit and brought Rachel and Jackson. (Oh, and I can't forget Uncle Bob) We rode the ferry over to Bremerton so Uncle Bob could show us the navy base since he was once in it, but I don't think he was actually stationed there. Since I'm not familiar with the area, as I never go over there, (nor is Bob) we didn't do much else. We ate lunch and then turned around an hour later and got in the line for the ferry to head back to Seattle. Fortunately, there is a great water spray park right next to the terminal...we had to kill an hour and a half.
When we got back to our place, the kids and I headed to the pool at our complex to swim while Chris started the BBQ and Bob made the food.
About 8:30pm we all piled back in the van and headed to North Everett for the fireworks display. We waited for quite some time because they didn't start until 10:15pm. Luke was asleep before we even got there, but woke up right before they started. The only pictures I have to go off of that night are those those on Chris's phone. Bob wandered off and left the van locked so I couldn't get our camera. Luke did learn a new word that night. He now says, "Whoa". It's so cute.

Father's Day June 21, 2009 (belated post)

Happy 2nd Father's Day to Chris!! Sadly, the weekend wasn't so happy. There was this "bug" going around that we caught it went through the family like this: Luke ---> my dad ---> Auntie Christina ---> me. My mom and Chris were spared, but I had it father's day. Another sister and her daughter got it while we were on our trip to Utah later in the month. Luckily, it was only a 24 hour thing.

While the holiday wasn't super spectacular and the rest of the family avoided my parents house like it had the plague I still managed to get Chris a few gifts. The one I'm most proud of is the Spourk. This lovely little dity is going to save my silverware from the depths of Chris's car. Now if he can only remember to use it. I'm thinking of investing in a few more so he can have one for each day of the week (or if he doesn't bring it in from his car I have another to use).

Friday, July 24, 2009

What lazy days?

I totally wished I had more time to spend in this wonderful weather we're having this summer. As a full-time working mom I don't often get the chance to kick back and relax. When I get home in the evening it's dinnertime, bathtime, and then bedtime. I really don't get a moment to slow down until 9pm, but since I've been up since 5am wanting to do anything for myself (updating my blog for example) isn't high on my list of things to get done for the night. Weekends are filled with errands, laundry and household chores. Summer is my favorite time of year and lately I haven't had the time to relish in it.

There have been some weekends where I've taken a vacation from everyday life. At the end of June, Luke and I took a road trip with my mom and sisters to Logan, Utah for a family reunion.
My sister Christina I spent a day with some of my old roommates from college which was fun. Unfortunately, I wasn't so good at capturing the moments spent with them which I'm now regretting.
It was a fun reunion and good to see the extended family. It's fun to see everyone, however, living in Washington we only saw these aunts, uncles, and cousins once a year so none of us sisters know anyone really well. I know my mom enjoyed it and loved catching up with her cousins. She has another reunion, again in Utah, in August that she and my dad are going to.
We stopped by my old stomping grounds, Utah State (Go Aggies!!), and got a shot of us at the bull. Next trip we'll make it up to the "A" on old main hill.

We also had a barbecue at my aunt and uncles house in Tremonton and Luke got to me some more cousin friends. These are actually my cousins kids kids. Since my 1st cousins are older than my oldest sibling, their kids are closer to my age these are their kids...but we're all family so cousins are cousins, right? He loved watching these two little guys. Daxten is in red and Jager is in blue and both are 2 years old. Luke was as big as these boys and the only difference was you can't understand what he's saying. Luke is a chatter-box. I really wish I had some sort of translator that I could plug into my ear so I could dicipher what he's saying all the time.

Next post....4th of July. I'll find the time to add it.